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Breast Surgery | Plastische Chirurgie Wien – Dr. Jozefina Skulavik

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Breast Surgery

Breast surgery is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures available today. If you would like to change the size or shape of your breasts, or you feel that one is noticeably bigger than the other, you are not alone. Dr. Skulavik performs a large number of breast surgery operations every year and she understands that there are many different reasons why women choose to have breast enlargement, breast uplift and breast reduction procedures. Dr. Skulavik specializes in all types of breast surgery, and ensures that the results of your surgery give you the body confidence and boost in self-esteem that you deserve.

Breast Augmentation surgery, also known as Augmentation Mammoplasty, is the surgical placement of breast implants under a woman’s breasts. It will balance out your proportions, enhance your femininity, and allow you to confidently wear figure-hugging tops and dresses with plunging necklines.. Using silicone or saline filled implants, or fat, volume is added to make your breasts fuller, rounder, more attractive. A breast augmentation is not the creation of new breasts, nor does it lift your breasts. It simply makes them larger. If you require a lift or a correction of an asymmetry in addition to your augmen- tation, Dr. Skulavik will make those recommendations to you and explain what exactly would be involved in such procedures. To receive personalized advice for your body, PLEASE SCHEDULE A CONSULTATION with Dr. Skulavik.

A Breast Lift (otherwise known as a Mastopexy) is a surgical procedure that can be performed using a number of different techniques to correct sagging, deflated breasts (known as breast ptosis.) When performed by Dr. Skulavik this is achieved by meticulously repositioning the nipple and/or breast tissue, and tightening the skin. Having performed numerous Breast Lift surgeries, Dr. Skulavik is a highly experienced Cosmetic Breast Surgeon with the surgical skill and cosmetic artistry to beautifully restore the appearance of youthful breasts to your body.


Augmentation Mastopexy (or Augmentation Breast Lift) is the ultimate procedure to transform the appearance of deflated, shapeless and sagging breasts and restore timeless beauty to a woman’s figure. The procedure is a combination of a Breast Augmentation and a Breast Lift and can benefit women, who in addition to being suitable candidates for a Breast Lift, also have:

  • Deflated breasts that require an increase in volume.
  • A natural breast volume that is smaller than desired.
  • Pronounced volume and/or shape asymmetry between the two breasts.

With these combined procedures, your breasts will not only be restored to a youthful position, pertness and fullness, but will also be enlarged in volume, leaving your figure balanced and your femininity enhanced. Breast implants are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, profiles and textures to perfectly match the individual body type and goals of each woman. Furthermore, with the advanced surgical techniques ably employed by Dr. Skulavik, your recovery and healing will be straightforward.


Breast Reduction Surgery, or reduction mammoplasty, not only reduces the size of the breasts, but makes them firmer, lighter and more proportioned to the rest of the body as well. The procedure not only helps improve your appearance, but can also improve how you feel as well. Women with overly large breasts can suffer from physical discomfort such as back and neck pain, and feel self conscious about their bodies. If you feel that your breasts are out of proportion or are affecting your body confidence, we advise that you book in for a consultation with Dr. Skulavik to see if breast reduction surgery could help. During your initial consultation you are encouraged to ask as many questions as you like and to discuss the results you hope to achieve from the procedure. Dr. Skulavik will also explain the procedure in detail and ensure you understand the recovery process. Dr. Skulavik also regularly performs breast reduction for those women who want breasts that are in proportion with the rest of the body, or who want relief from back or neck pain caused by overly large breasts.

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